Episode 53: Laurel Hiatt on What’s Really Happening in Your Colon

In this episode we're joined by MD-PhD student Laurel Hiatt, whose work focuses on somatic mosaicism, or the differences between individual cells, specifically in the human colon. We talk about genetic mosaicism, cancer risk, why the colon causes so many problems, and how Laurel's work will (hopefully) help develop tools to improve screening and colorectal disease prevention. 

You can find Laurel on Twitter @laurel_hiatt

A transcript and show notes for this episode are available on our website: https://asabpodcast.com/2022/07/13/episode-53/

The show is on Twitter @ASABpod, Charles @cockroacharles, and Tessa @spacermase

Our intro music is by Nicole Petkovich. 

Thank you for listening!

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