Episode 27: Annalee Newitz on “Lost Cities” and the Nature of Self

This week we are ecstatic to share our conversation with Annalee Newitz, author of fiction (Autonomous, Future of Another Timeline) and nonfiction (most recently Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age) and podcaster (Our Opinions are Correct, which they host with Charlie Jane Anders). We talk about coming out as non-binary to the world, archaeology, writing science fiction, and whether Annalee would put their brain in a robot body (yes) and if this is immortality (no?). 

A transcript for this episode is available on our website: https://asabpodcast.com/2021/04/22/episode-27/

Annalee can be found on their own website, and @annaleen on Twitter. They can also be heard every other week on Our Opinions are Correct

Charles is on Twitter @cockroacharles and Tessa is on Twitter @spacermase. 

The show can be found on Twitter @ASABpod and at our website asabpodcast.com. 


Thank you for listening! 

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