Episode 14: Faelan Mourmourakis on Bee Cognition

In this episode, Australian entomologist Faelan Mourmourakis comes on to tell us about his research in the limitations of bee cognition. Tangents include the hell of academic funding, how people don't adequately appreciate insects' cuteness, and the emu war (which is real, and which humans lost). 

To see more about Faelan's research, you can check out his website: https://faemourmourakis.wordpress.com/

A transcript for this episode is available on our website here: https://asabpodcast.com/2020/12/01/episode-14/

Faelan is on Twitter @Faemourmourakis, Charles @cockroacharles, Tessa @spacermase, and the show @ASABpod. 

Thank you for listening! 

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